We make products that enhance your brand. Glo is the first liquid activated, lighted drink enhancer designed specifically for the eventspace. From concerts to festivals, Glo provides a unique element to any fan experience, and offers organizers the ability to maximize branding opportunities.

Developed in partnership with Mississippi State University, Glo is a safe and patented product. Glo is proven to increase and repeat drink sales, increase brand visibility, alleviate sanitary issues, and even increase customer satisfaction.



Glo uses patented technology to provide users with a safe, fun and sanitary enhancement to any drink. When submerged in liquid, Glo emits a variety of colors that illuminate the container. When the liquid is gone, Glo automatically deactivates and entices the customer to order another round. Glo eliminates the need for buttons and switches, allowing bartenders to light drinks quickly enough to support patrons at high volumes.



Glo's Purchasing Power

Within a single bar, with all other factors being equal (including price), would you purchase a drink that includes a Glo unit, versus a drink without a Glo unit?

Best Location to see Glo

At what type of events/locations would you like to see Glo being offered?

Glo captures attention

Glo automatically lights up and slowly fades through colors when placed in a beverage. There's no buttons to press, simply drop it in and watch it Glo. How do you feel about this automatic lighting feature?

Glo's pursuasive power

How likely are you to visit a venue with Glo versus one without Glo?

Sample Data Demographics

Survey 1 | 132 Respondents





Event Utilization

Our clients have found unique ways to utilize the technology of Glo at their events. Some of the most successful measures have been outlined below. 

Promotional Units

Distribute individual Glo units at a venue, and allow your brand to take a step beyond the bar through every cup, bottle, and container at your event. 

Drink Buy Incentives

Offer attendees with Glo units special offers and pricing on their repeat drink purchases. 

VIP Treatment

Use Glo to differentiate between your venue's customers. Elevate VIP guest experiences through exclusive access to VIP bars and areas, with a lighted drink being the ticket.


Vendor Promotion

Allow Glo to segment between event-owned vendors and 3rd party vendors. Offer Glo units in every drink to customers at official event-owned bars.

Sponsor Segmentation

Use Glo as an additional sponsorship opportunity to beverage makers at your event or venue. Offer beverage sponsors the chance to segment themselves from 3rd party vendors by adding a Glo package to their sponsorship deck. 


Custom Branding

Let Glo be part of your brand! We can facilitate custom shapes and functions with large orders. Be the ONLY brand at your events to have lighted drinks. Sit back and watch customers come to you, intrigued and wanting to try your product. Custom branding can be accomplished through shapes or logos specific to a brand, lighting color, and more!