Meet the team that works to bring the party to you!



Title: Co-Founder, Essential Oils Dealer

Nickname: Technically, Kaylie is my nickname. My real name is Katherine but my dad always called me Kaylie and it stuck.

Fast  facts: 

-My absolute favorite thing in the world is sending and receiving snail mail. 

-I have a strong aversion to bread.

-I have a real knack for gardening and absolutely love to grow my own veggies. 

Favorite drink: I could drink Piña Coladas for the rest of my entire life and I don't care what anyone says about it. They taste like vacation. 

First time she used Glo: I created the idea for a project in my graphic design class. Albeit, probably the roughest prototype of the product, but it had legs and I knew people would love it. That's when I brought Hagan on board and we went full steam ahead.


Title: Co-Founder, Office Schmidt

Nickname: My mom used to call me Hagie if that counts. 

Fast  facts: 

-I typically drive a golf cart to work.

-My dog has a Spanish name: Canelo aka cinnamon.

-I've jumped out of an airplane. Twice.

Favorite drink: Moscow Mule

First time he used Glo: Glo came to life in my bedroom closet of all places. Kaylie and I were sitting on the floor with a soldering iron. I finished soldering the electrical stuff and then we made a case out of hot glue and a toothbrush travel protector. We had a small glass of water, crossed our fingers, and dropped it in. It lit up, faintly, but it worked! That was the night Glo was born and the rest is history.

anna barker

Title: Director of Business Development, Proud Dog Mom

Nickname: Dwight

Fast  facts: 

-I am bilingual.

-I've been to more countries than states. 

-My other facts are too basic to list. 

Favorite drink: Red Wine

Coolest event I've seen Glo at: I am a HUGE fan of NBC's show This Is Us. In February, Kaylie, Hagan, and I got to show off Glo at several events before the Academy Awards and some of the cast was actually there. They LOVED Glo and actually asked if they could take it home with them. How cool is that?!

Catherine Headshot.jpg


Title: Sales Intern, Lunch Break Coordinator

Nickname: Cat (does that count as a nickname?)

Fast  facts: 

-I have a cat that weighs 13 pounds. 

-I love McDonald's. I eat there at least three times a week. 

-I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching Netflix. (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Orange is the New Black, The 100)

Favorite drink: Coke (from McDonald's)

First time she used Glo: Sorority recruitment (Bailey stole my story)

Yssa Headshot.jpg


Title: Marketing Intern, Expert in Bachelorette Analytics

Nickname: Pissa Pizza (it rhymes with Yssa...)

Fast  facts: 

-I can't taste anything on the right side of my tongue.

-Robin Roberts follows me on twitter.

-I can't think of a third fact...

Favorite drink: Long Island Iced Tea

First time she used Glo: I saw them at a sorority swap at a bar one night featuring my glowing walk me down. 



Title: Creative Intern, Professional Desk Decorator

Nickname: Butt-cut Bailey (my natural hair part is down the middle)

Fast  facts: 

-I spend an unreasonable amount of time showing people pictures of my German Shepard, Luna. I love her as if she were my biological child. 

-I completely cut gluten out of my diet three months ago because of my chronic migraines. Life is cruel; eat a breadstick or three for me. 

-I've had the privilege of touching Taylor Swift's hand twice in my life. New album, wya??

Favorite drink: Mojitos normally. My family vacations in Aruba every other year and the entire island serves a drink called the Aruba Ariba. 10/10, would definitely recommend. 

Coolest event I've seen Glo at: My sorority (go KD!) used them last year during recruitment on philanthropy day. We show multiple videos that day, so the lights are off some of the time and the cubes looked so cool in everyone’s drinks. I remember thinking how cool of a vibe it gave off. Bonus: they’re a great conversation starter.