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Welcome to Glo cubes! We want to bring the party to your store. Glo is easy to use and even easier to sell. Our liquid activated cubes make it easy to add to any celebration. Whether your customers need to add to a birthday party, bachelorette trip, sports team dinner, or even just because your drink needs an upgrade, Glo appeals to any age group or customer you may have. Because our company is growing quickly, we're excited to add retailers across the country to carry Glo cubes. Join us in being the first to bring this product to customers around the country. 


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Have questions? We have answers! 

+ Do I have to be an event planner to purchase Glo wholesale?

Definitely not. Glo fits in with event planners, retailers, resturants, bars and more! We have multiple retailers that carry our product in boutiques and gift shops as well as bars that offer them in drinks. Since Glo is a fun addition to any celebration, Glo can fit into your unique market.

+ Do I need to have a physical store front to order wholesale?

Online retailers, as well as event planners are welcome to purchase Glo. A Brick and Mortar store is not required to order Glo cubes.

+ Do I have to be in the United State to order?

Glo wants to light up the night around the world, so we accept orders from any country. Shipping rates may cost extra, but we're committed to making sure Glo brings the party to wherever you're located.

+ Is there a minimum order requirement?

We offer quick and easy packages that do include minimum order requirements. These packages feature price breaks to benefit those retailers placing larger orders. Please submit a form so we can get back to you ASAP with order information.

+ How do I purchase Glo wholesale to sell in my store or use in my next event?

Simply fill out the form below and a member from our team will contact you within 1-2 business days. We want to bring the party to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

+ How long will it take to receive my order of Glo?

Processing time is unique to each order. Your order may take longer if you need custom cubes, but we understand how important time is when operating a business. Please let us know if you need your order by a certain date so we can ensure your cubes arrive on time.

+ Is Glo safe for me to sell to my customers?

Party fouls take the fun out of everything. Glo is BPA free, CPSC certified, and contains no Phthalates. Visit getglo.com/safety for more information on our committment to safety.

+ How does Glo work?

Technology is hard sometimes, but Glo is simple. Glo uses ions found in liquid to activate the lights. There are no buttons to press or assembly required. You simply drop the cube in liquid and it does the work for you. Finally, a product with technology that is proven to work on the oldest of family members!

+ Still have questions?

Let us know in the comments section of your form or email us at sales@getglo.com and we'll make sure you're informed before the party starts.